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A Washed-Up Old Fool's Journal
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Friday, September 12th, 2008
3:49 pm
A couple of Barak's buddies
"Kill all rich people. Break up their cars and apartments. Bring the revolution home, kill your parents, that's where it's really at." -- Bill Ayers, unrepentant terrorist, as well as friend, campaign supporter, and former boss of Barak Obama.

"I don't regret setting bombs. I feel we didn't do enough." -- Ayers, 2001.

"[The US Government] is the greatest purveyor of violence in the world..." [Living in America is] "the belly of the beast" and "the heart of the monster." -- Ayer's wife, Bernadine Dohrn, fellow terrorist, also former member of the Weather Underground, during a 2007 SDS reunion.

[In response to the Manson family murder of pregnant Sharon Tate, and others] "Dig it. First they killed those pigs, then they ate dinner in the same room with them, then they even shoved a fork in the victim's stomach. Wild!"

When speaking about judgment as a qualification for office, I wonder how good Obama's judgment really is when he has political allies and friends of this caliber. He's obviously very intelligent, so it's exceedingly likely he is aware of what they believe and is either pandering to these people or actually harbors some of their sentiments. Which is it, Mr. Unity?
Sunday, January 13th, 2008
1:44 pm
Bizarre Ron Paul statements..

Friday, January 4th, 2008
2:42 am
James "The Amazing" Randi is finally going to cancel his "Million Dollar Challenge," after years of offering it to any person who can, under labaratory conditions, demonstrate their "paranormal" powers.

The prize has been offered for twelve years, and so far not one person in the whole world has claimed the prize. Maybe because it's all a bunch of ridiculous stuff that fools gullible people? Doesn't it ever cross the minds of those who believe in such things, that it seems odd, at best, that no one in the entire world can demonstrate their psychic powers in a lab?

At any rate, I always thought Randi was a pretty cool guy, and one of the few voices in the public eye calling for the supremacy of science over superstition and mysticism. With his expertise in magic (real pull-a-rabbit-from-a-hat magic, not the "burn a straw from a broom inside a pentagram and someone will love me" nonsense)he's exposed countless charlatans, and will no doubt continue to do so.

Anyway, the article from the James Randi Educational Foundation's website:


It was March 6th, 1998, when the JREF Million-Dollar Challenge first came into existence. That’s almost ten years ago. It’s always been a simple, direct, matter: do what you claim you can do of a paranormal nature, and walk away with the prize. Our expectations at first were that we’d attract major personalities by this means, but they’ve avoided having to take the test by simply not applying; those who have actually applied are generally honestly self-deluded persons who have difficulty stating what they can do, which can be understood if they really don’t know what they’re experiencing; we at JREF have gone through involved procedures to help them recognize their problems. Usually, they have indicated that they don’t know what real scientific rules are, when it comes down to their actually being properly tested.

All this is obvious to anyone who has followed the action over the last decade. Now, while the JREF earns a certain income from having the prize money very conservatively invested, that sum could certainly be used more productively if it were made freely available to us.

As of March 6th, 2010 – twelve years after the challenge was first offered – it will be.

The James Randi Educational Foundation Million-Dollar Challenge will be discontinued 24 months from this coming March 6th, and those prize funds will then be available to generally add to our flexibility. This move will free us to do many more projects, which will be announced at that time.

This means that all those wishing to be claimants are required to get their applications in before the deadline, properly filled out and notarized as described in the published rules.

Now, we’re sure that there will be those who will offer all kinds of objections to this decision – though they could have simply applied and won the prize. There will be accusations that the JREF is concerned about the safety of the prize money – which was never any sort of concern, I can assure you – and there will be more claims that the money was never there in the first place. I can see the professionals out there sighing in relief that they no longer have to answer questions about why they won’t take the prize, and they’ll just wait out the remaining period that the prize is available. All that’s to be expected.

Ten years is long enough to wait. The hundreds of poorly-constructed applications, and the endless hours of phone, e-mail, and in-person discussions we’ve had to suffer through, will be things of the past, for us at the JREF.

Those who believe they have mystic powers now have two full years to apply… Let’s see what happens.
Wednesday, December 19th, 2007
7:31 am
Wednesday, November 21st, 2007
10:45 pm

Lets101 Quizzes - Blog Quizzes

Guess what sign most of my friends are? haha

How come people still believe this bullshit, but laugh at alchemy or geocentrism? If anything, astrology is the dumbest.
Thursday, November 8th, 2007
7:26 pm
P is cool...
... because she bought us tickets to:

Should be really fun. Though I think she may have just bought the tickets to catch a glimpse of Huerta in person. Who knows... it'll be great seeing a UFC event live though.
Tuesday, November 6th, 2007
6:58 pm
Sunday, October 28th, 2007
11:46 pm
Mexico was pretty fabulous. We snorkled for hours nearly every day, rode bikes through the jungle, swam in the turquoise waters, followed jaguar tracks, spied on the crabs in their tide pools, ate habaneros at a hut in the middle of the jungle, explored abandoned huts on the beach, kayaked for miles through paradise, cut our feet on sharp rocks while swimming in dank caves, watched a Mayan shaman perform a ritual, zip-lined from a 100' high tower, drank under a thatch-roofed hut in the tropical rain, ate many varities of delicious food, laughed lots, loved lots. It was all great.
Friday, September 7th, 2007
11:14 pm
Insane times.
Wednesday, September 5th, 2007
12:56 pm
Econ 101
Price controls = shortages. But do they ever learn?

Guess not... http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/africa/6979824.stm
Saturday, September 1st, 2007
1:26 pm
Stolen from albadore

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Friday, August 31st, 2007
1:03 pm
You've gotta love that certain, special kind of "friend" who continuously assures you throughout your relationship that he "couldn't handle the drama you have to endure with your girlfriend," and "could never go out with her," while behind your back trying to hook up with her -- and who eventually swoops down like a ravenous vulture as soon as you split up. A friend who doesn't need an ... is 45 and Single show to explain why one reaches midlife lonely unfulfilled, because I can explain the reasons why in two words: desperate creep.

Best of luck with being yourself, though. Adios.
Saturday, August 25th, 2007
3:13 pm
6:43 am
Mi deporte favorito...
.... 's 'l rock!
Wednesday, August 1st, 2007
7:08 pm
Saturday, July 28th, 2007
4:32 pm
Just got out of Day 1 of a Sambo (Russian wrestling) seminar hosted by this guy: http://www.rus-sambo.com/

Never have I seen so many people in the class laugh with sadistic glee at the pain of demonstration subjects. It was really, really funny. (At least until Igor called you to be his subject.)

Sambo is rough! Damn.

Day 2 tomorrow.
Sunday, July 22nd, 2007
4:57 am
Taken in a herdlike manner from aralis:

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Saturday, March 31st, 2007
11:41 pm
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Wednesday, March 28th, 2007
3:00 am
When you try to tell a lie, you look down into your shoes...
First good garage show in who knows when, this Friday at the Magic Bag:

? & the Mysterions (? benefit show)
Nathaniel Mayer
Fortune & Maltese
The Henchmen

A few others too, but that lineup alone sounds pretty fucking awesome to me. About time.
Friday, March 16th, 2007
3:26 am
Off to Mexico. See you in 9 days. Hopefully it'll be good.
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