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evditchpig's Journal

A Washed-Up Old Fool
7 June 1971
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60's garage, al green, andre williams, angel cum, angelo badalamenti, aventinus, bigbroadgorillamonster, black sparrow, bob dylan, borges, bourgeois manques, boxing, brazilian jiu jitsu, bukowski, cato institute, clive barker, compulsive gamblers, computer games, constitutional law, criminal law, cross examination, crown & cokes, crypt records, dali, david bowie, david fincher, david lynch, deadbolt, detroit cobras, dionysus records, dirtbombs, dive bars, dixie hustler, dogs, elvis, epistemology, euchre, everquest, existentialism, farfisas, farscape, frenchy, garage, ghastly ones, grant morrison, guitar wolf, h.p. lovecraft, hermann hesse, horror, hunter s. thompson, ibsen, iggy pop, indian food, intellectual history, ionesco, jack daniels, john fante, john stewart, johnny cash, judo, kiss, kitsch, ladytron, latinas, les sexareenos, libertarianism, lo-fi, lord of the rings, los angeles, los feliz, mad scientists, mitch ryder, mob movies, mod, mongolian lamb hair, moral theory, morphine, motown, mr. quintron, murder city devils, mythology, nanotech, new wave hookers, nietzsche, objectivism, outkast, philosophy, plato, poe, political philosophy, political theory, porn, pulp, rand, reason magazine, redheads, reigning sound, richard epstein, rocket 455, rolling stones, sartre, scarrans, scorcese, scorpius, sean penn, seinfeld, shag, silver age comic books, spike jonze, strindberg, surf, tarsem, teengenerate, th' losin streaks, thai food, the bomboras, the cool jerks, the coyote men, the cramps, the drags, the empire strikes back, the finks, the forty fives, the freakies, the ghastly ones, the invisible men, the invisibles, the kinks, the love cowboys, the makers, the misfits, the mummies, the oblivians, the onion, the sonics, the stooges, the wall street journal, the witchdoctors, thomas mann, tiki culture, travelling, twin peaks, untamed youth, vodka, wagner