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When you try to tell a lie, you look down into your shoes...

First good garage show in who knows when, this Friday at the Magic Bag:

? & the Mysterions (? benefit show)
Nathaniel Mayer
Fortune & Maltese
The Henchmen

A few others too, but that lineup alone sounds pretty fucking awesome to me. About time.
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Sounds good to me!
so how is the mary weiss record????
Overall pretty "meh." The song mentioned above is the only one I like a lot on it. Most of the others put me to sleep.
I'm really sad about the Mary Weiss record, seeing as how (from what I've heard) she just...can't sing anymore. Her voice in the Shangri-Las was one of the truly great things in rock 'n roll.

I missed the ? and the Mysterians show in Chicago, too. Goddamn if I see anything these days..
I missed this one too, even though I'd been looking forward to it. Depression got the best of me and I didn't even set out that night.

Is "Mary can't sing anymore" pretty much the conventional wisdom regarding the record? I ask because I don't know anyone else who has it, or who's commented on it. It certainly doesn't seem to me that she's lost her voice; from my perspective, it looks more like the song selection left a lot to be desired. Greg's vocals aren't usually -- especially in Reigning Sound -- the highlight of the songs, or if they are, it's mostly because of the way they're layered in the music. When switched to center stage (quite the opposite of Too Much Guitar) a lot is left desired. I think that's the main problem with this one.

I found this CD problematic for many of the same reasons as Home For Orphans or whatever it was called.
Well, there's two sides to it, I think:

One side: Greg Oblivian -- I, personally, am only so much of a fan. I think a few Oblivians songs are GREAT. A few classics. a few I would pass on to other people as fantastic rock and roll. the rest? eh. the reigning sound? *yawn*. I mean, he puts on a pretty energetic show, but it's, like, the songs just aren't there. his thing with the detroit cobras only cements the fact that he's willing to do whatever these days..

The Mary Weiss side: The Shangri-Las are one of the best rock 'n roll bands ever. I know they're girl group...but her voice is easily one of the best ever, and if you can't appreciate 60's girl group, why like rock 'n roll? I don't know..

Anyway, diamondc sent me a link to one of her norton records tracks a couple months ago. I'm really not a fan of anything reigning sound, i think greg oblivian oversteps his bounds a lot, and mary just, really, couldn't deliver a song like she used to be able to. the current song was gravelly and hoarse, where it used to be high-pitched and whiney to no end (when it was great).

I think she just hooked on to whatever hip artists would promote her shit, but I'm really sad to hear that she just doesn't sound like she can be great like she was. Of course, continuing to be one of the BEST EVER ROCK 'N ROLL voices would be pretty tough.

I'll wait until I (somehow) hear the rest, but I'm really sad so far..

I still haven't heard this but my friends out here who like that stuff, LOVE it.
p.s. i think the new Detroit Cobras is awful. I loved the last one, but this is...blah.